Individual Counselling

My style of counselling focuses primarily on the relationship I form with each client.  Warmth, personal comfort, and a feeling of emotional safety are essentials for growth and healing to begin. In making the decision to come to counselling you are displaying great courage and possibly opening up painful areas of your life to me.  My desire is to help you find hopefulness in your initial place of discomfort. That includes a reasonable pace of therapy and honest communication that directs you towards personal development and a more rewarding future.

Some situations are difficult or even impossible to change – the loss of a loved one, unemployment or ill health.  I work with men and women who are going into a new chapter of their lives and may find themselves struggling with depression, anxiety or trauma.  If you are struggling with an experience like this, I can support you as you adjust to these life changes.  While I will not make choices for you, I will stay with you and provide guidance and support during important times of decision making and insight development.

As our relationship develops, I may observe some patterns in your life you may not be aware of.  I will reflect these patterns back to you for your understanding and responses.  Together our insight will grow and I will encourage you to recognise your own wisdom, inner strengths and coping skills to face the future with an improved sense of confidence.

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