Read some of the feedback participants gave about my 2017 couples therapy training course. If you would like to learn more about my upcoming course, please click here The Foundation of Couple Therapy:

“It was a very comfortable dynamic group. Loved the videos and the discussions following.”

“I loved the exercises and the opportunities to try these out in a safe environment.”

“I really appreciate the time and energy you’ve put into delivering this course. Your willingness to share your personal experience and put flesh on from your own relationship really enhanced the input. Thank you so much.”

“I enjoyed the interactions of the group and the ease at which it was delivered.”

“There is so much learning for everyone in the Developmental Model.”

“It was a pure joy to be here.”


Here are some comments from couples I worked with:

Nancy is that rare and wonderful combination of kind, compassionate, clear and focused. She is an amazing listener, but simply being heard (with past marriage counsellors) has never been enough. With her as our skilful guide, we were able to each get at core concerns and reach a deeper understanding of what we are bringing to the table. We also felt she was a cheerleader and totally in our corner. We had a difficult but wonderful weekend and left feeling changed and with new hope for our future together. (husband, 2015)

I learned so much and I am thankful that Nancy reminded us of our strengths as I think we focused too much on the issues before we arrived… Our communication is much better and I can really see the effort my partner is making especially when we are making decisions and have different views… Yesterday we identified how we aspire to be in our relationship… FUN, LOVING AND SUPPORTIVE. (wife, 2016)

I feel more centred particularly towards the little challenges of house life that now do not seem important anymore. Our frictions have diminished in frequency and in intensity, probably not yet at a level we would be fully satisfied with, but certainly giving us much more room to breathe and open up to each other in a safe environment. (husband, 2016)

I am writing to express my/our deep appreciation. We are a married couple of 24 years and have been actively considering divorce for the past several months. As a last ditch effort, we let go of our previous marriage therapist and began working with Nancy, first in 3 sessions online, and then an intensive in Ireland. She has been an extraordinary support for both of us. Her style is both structured and flexible. She listens exceedingly well. She brings evidence-based research into the mix. Perhaps most of all, she is optimistic, though not in an unrealistic way. She has been instrumental in helping us develop new patterns of communication and engagement. We are very, very grateful. (husband, 2017)

We first started working with Nancy in August of 2016, at a point in time when our 12-year marriage was in real trouble. Our relationship had deteriorated to the point where divorce was a likely outcome. Initially, Nancy helped us focus on some of the positive aspects of our relationship. We then moved to a discussion of the sources of conflict and discord. Those sessions, including an intense three-day working session with Nancy in Ireland, were difficult. But with Nancy’s guidance and encouragement, we began to work through the difficult issues and started to realize progress in our relationship. Now, fifteen months later, our relationship has improved dramatically. While there are still struggles and moments of conflict, we feel we are on much stronger footing and our relationship is growing not deteriorating. We would not have achieved this level of growth and progress without Nancy’s thoughtful intervention and dedicated work with us. We find her delightful personally, unfailingly supportive, and always professional. We think the world of Nancy – she is a fabulous marital counselor. (husband, 2018)

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